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Key Workers

(Posted on 27/03/20)

Dear Parent





The Welsh Government is making every effort to limit the spread of Covid 19 and has revised its guidance for schools in terms of accommodating pupils of key workers.


The new guidance affects families where there is only one key worker. The guidance states that in order to satisfy eligibility requirements for school care, both parents should be classed as a critical worker. The published guidance reads;



“Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be and only where there is no safe alternative should provision be made in schools or other settings. If you are classed as a critical worker but are able to perform the critical parts of your job effectively when working from home, then you should do so. If one parent is a critical worker but the other parent is not then the other parent should provide safe alternative arrangements at home when possible.


As from tomorrow (27:03:2020), all schools across Wrexham Borough must implement the above. This is essential to ensure reducing further the number of children travelling to school and to ensure further social distancing.


Any parents requesting school care from the above date will be required to provide employment information and a clear indication of which days they will not be able to look after their children e.g. when shift patterns require both parents to be in work simultaneously.



It is vital we do not underestimate the seriousness of the current situation and that we all play our part in limiting spread of the disease. Please email the school if you are unsure of whether you satisfy the new eligibility requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Many thanks for your continued support and understanding in these very unsettling and worrying times.


I trust that you are your families remain safe and well.



SJ Garthwaite