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Important safety notice for parents of pupils eligible to attend school 23 MARCH – 3 APRIL

(Posted on 20/03/20)



All pupils and staff will use front door to access the site.

Staff and pupils must sign the registers.

Any unauthorised pupils on site will be instructed to leave the premises.

Once registered, pupils will not be allowed to leave the site during the school day unless by prior arrangement with parents. Eligible pupils will need to be registered and in school by 8.50am as normal.

In order to aid the catering staff, there will be slight changes to break/lunch times;

8.20am – 840am         Toast available in the canteen.

10.30am – 10.45am   Break

12pm – 1pm                 Lunch

No uniform requirements for pupils.

School day will end at 3.10pm.


Many thanks – Ysgol Y Grango.