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GCSE Results 2021

GCSE Results 2021

(Posted on 12/08/21)

Students at Ysgol y Grango in Rhosllanerchrugog celebrated receiving their GCSE results today. After an extraordinary final two years, which were interrupted by the coronavirus lockdowns and several periods of self-isolation, the students were rewarded for their hard work at the school over the past five years.

These personal testimonies show the reactions of the students and the challenges they have faced throughout the pandemic.


Emily Roberts (7A*, 1 Distinction*, 3A, 1B). “I’m very happy, especially with my science results, which are really important to me. In September I’m going to the Maelor Sixth Form, Penley, to study A levels in maths, physics, chemistry and English literature. After that I’d like to go to university and move on to study astro-physics. Home learning was tough, studying in the house. It was hard to work outside the school environment, and being in and out of school over the last two years, but I’m really pleased to get these results today.”


Lilly-Anne Gibson (3A*, Distinction*, Distinction, 4A, 4B). “I’m really happy, and most pleased with my French & History A* grades. I’m going to college or sixth form next, to study A levels in linguistics, French, history, English language, biology or classical studies. I still haven’t decided! After that I’d like to go to university to study law, and eventually I’d like to teach abroad or go into law. I enjoyed learning at home, but younger siblings could be distracting! We didn’t have enough devices for us all, our signal is not great, and sharing devices & internet with other family members was tough at times. I preferred being in school – and the assessments spread over time were better than having to sit exams.”


Emily Kynaston (7A*, 2 Distinction*, 4A). “I’m ecstatic! I worked so hard and feel I deserve these results. In September I’m going to Coleg Cambria to do A levels in English, law, biology and chemistry. After that I’d like to go to university, aiming for a career in law or medicine. The pandemic affected me mentally & physically, dealing with losing loved ones, relationships and the assessments. Home learning was a struggle – it was hard to get the same motivation & drive as when we were in school.”


Carys Richards (2A, 8B), – “I’m really pleased! I transferred in year 9 to Grango, and I’ve loved it! I’m going to Coleg Cambria in September to study level 3 in Health and Social Care, as I did level 2 here. Then I’d like to go to university, to study nursing then midwifery. I’ve struggled through the pandemic, and I’ve lost family members. My mental health dipped and I struggled with home learning as my Wifi is not great. I missed school – but it was great when we came back. I’m so happy today!”


Sevin Topal (5A*, 7A). “I feel very proud. It was really hard dealing with COVID. In September I’m going to the sixth form in Lllangollen, to study A levels in psychology, biology, business & maths. After that I hope to go to university. The first lockdown wasn’t too bad, but the next one psychologically was tough. I struggled. Home learning was not the same, I missed not being with friends & learning together. It was really good when we came back, although with masks & social distancing it was still not the same.”


Joe Van Falier (6A*, 5A, 1B). “I feel very good, very proud. I’m going to Coleg Cambria next to study A levels in maths, English language and psychology. After that, I’d like to go to university, possibly in Cardiff. Home learning was all right, although it would have been better in school. It was good when we came back - to see friends and teachers.”

Joe Van Falier


Jessica Clarke (11A*, 1A). “I’m very happy, especially with my sciences. I’m going to Coleg Cambria in September, to study A levels in biology, chemistry and psychology. After that I’d like to go to university to study medicine at either Oxford or Swansea. I’d like to be a doctor or a surgeon. The pandemic has been hard and frustrating, constantly having to lockdown or isolate. It was hard to motivate yourself at times. It was great when we came back to see each other and our teachers again.”


Celyn Lee (7A*, 4A, 1B). “I’m very happy with my results! I’m extremely proud of my art and maths as they are my favourite subjects. I’m also very happy with an A in English as I used to struggle. In September I’m going to Coleg Cambria to study A levels in art, maths and physics. Then to university to do an art & design course. Digital learning was difficult to get motivated, but returning to school was great; seeing friends and going to classes again.”


Erin Lawlor (2A*, 3A, 4B, 1C) “I’m really proud of myself. I feel really happy, especially with my maths & science results. Next, I’m going to Coleg Cambria, to do A levels in history, psychology, and classical civilisations. Then to university to study history. It was hard to do online learning – it was too easy to get distracted! It was good to come back to school.”

Jessica Clarke, Erin Lawlor, Celyn Lee


Headteacher, Stephen Garthwaite, said, “This has been an incredibly challenging year for the students. They have overcome so many obstacles to achieve their results. These personal testimonies show the kinds of pressures and challenges they have faced. That they have overcome these difficulties so well demonstrates outstanding resilience and the abilty to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


We are extremely proud of all of our students and their outstanding achievements. It is great to see them pick up their results today, which are fully deserved. They have been a real credit to the school and it is wonderful to see them rewarded for all their efforts over the years. Their results have been achieved through hard work, a great attitude to school life and a strong community spirit throughout their time with us. All our students are now able to take up their places at college or sixth form and we wish them every success for the future.”

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