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Colours show

Colours show

(Posted on 26/03/19)

After a conversation with the 'Colours Show' organizers the show will still be on if we sell 50 tickets by this Friday. i need the money ASAP. Hopefully this will prevent us paying a £250 cancellation fee and make money for school fund. Tickets must be bought before the event!!!

Below is a list of some of the clothes they will be bringing to give you an idea of what will be on sale.

1. Ex Reiss navy dress RRP £250.00...Colours price £40.00 
2. Ex Whitestuff Bird blouse RRP £37.50 Colours price £18.00
3. Ex Urban Outfitters Top RRP £34.00 Colours price £16.00
4. Ex Eram Tiger print Ballet shoe RRP 55 Euros Colours Price £20.00 
5. EX Minelli Black and Brown heeled sandal RRP £89 Euros Colours Price £35.00 
6. Ex Dorothy Perkins striped rain coat Colours price £22.00
7. Ex Dorothy Perkins Nay Rain coat £ 22.00 
8. Ex Wallis Blazer Colours price £25.00
9. EX M&S Watermelon Chinos Colours price...£16.00
10. Ex Next linen blend striped jumpsuit RRP £20.00 Colours £14.00 
11. Ex Collier Bristow Denim Shirt RRP £45.00 Colours Price £18.00 
12. Ex White Stuff Jumpers (3 Colours) RRP £49.95...Colours price....£20.00
13. Ex Regatta Jacket (in a variety of colours) RRP £60.00... Colours Price £30.00 
14. Ex River Island Heeled sandals with mirrored heel RRP £60.00..Colours price £25.00!
15. Ex Wallis pink double layer top Colours price £16.00.
16. Ex Next cropped jeans Colours price £15.00