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GCSE Product Design

This course teaches students the skills they need to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques from the manufacturing and engineering industries. The materials can be paper, card, plastic, metal or wood.

The course follows the standard development process:


  • Analyse the design brief
  • Research of the industry, target market and similar products
  • Draw conclusions from your research
  • Complete a design specification which reflects your research

Idea Development

  • Identify and develop a creative idea
  • Identify a design strategy and planning document
  • Analysis of the idea against social, moral, environmental and sustainability issues
  • Identify and justify materials with regard to their working properties
  • Complete a manufacturing specification


  • A quality product
  • Good levels of making, modelling & finishing skills
  • Select and use appropriate tools, materials and technologies
  • Apply quality control checks
  • Produce a product which appeals to the target market and is commercially viable


  • Appropriate testing and evaluation evident throughout the process
  • Product tested against the design specification
  • Evaluate the product and identify improvements or modifications