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School Uniform

(Posted on 18/05/15)


May 2015

Dear Parent

The introduction of new uniform has been very successful and has been welcomed by all. The students of Ysgol y Grango look extremely smart and are a credit to both the school and the local community.

We view school as a preparation for life and the workplace. Donning the uniform instils in students a sense of community, of pride in themselves and their school, and underpins the solid and robust work ethic that exists in Grango. It reinforces our high expectations and aspirations for every student.  I am aware that many parents are now in the process of purchasing uniform in readiness for September and would like to take this opportunity to emphasise school expectations in regards to uniform.

Wearing a blazer and tie is compulsory. In addition to the blazer and tie, students can opt to wear a plain navy blue v- necked jumper. Students should wear plain black trousers, plain black skirts of a suitable length (certainly no shorter than knee length), white shirts, black socks and black shoes. Please note that leggings or skinny trousers are not appropriate for school wear, neither are skirts which are overly tight. School shoes should be plain black and not of a canvas material. Trainers are not appropriate for school wear. We would like to thank parents for their support and cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely

S J Garthwaite