Excellence for all and excellence from all


The students, via the School Council, voted unanimously for a return to a blazer and tie. The new uniform was subsequently approved by the Governing Body, members of the Parent Voice group and members of staff and we are now in our second year of wearing a blazer and tie.

Blazers and ties (Year 11 have a different tie to denote their seniority in the school) can be purchased directly from the supplier;

RAM Leisure
Whitegate Road, Whitegate industrial estate, Wrexham LL13 8UG
Telephone: 01978 360360

Parents are able to visit the shop during opening hours. You can also buy uniforms online using the link below.

Buy Uniforms Online

Wearing a blazer and tie is compulsory. In addition to the blazer and tie, students can opt to wear a navy blue V necked jumper. These are also available for purchase from the retailers, although any plain navy V necked jumper will suffice. Black, tailored trousers, dark socks, black skirts of a suitable length, white shirts and black shoes can be purchased locally or on the website.

Please note that leggings, skinny trousers and miniskirts are not appropriate for school wear. Shoes should be plain black, without logos. Excessive jewellery, extreme hairstyles and facial piercings are not appropriate for school.

We are extremely proud of our student body and work hard to ensure that the students who attend here receive an education which is balanced, broad, enriching and equips them with the necessary skills to become useful and productive citizens of the future.

The school’s vision statement is ‘Excellence for All - Excellence from All’ and underlines the school’s primary objective of maximising opportunity and potential for every young person in our care.

We view school as a preparation for life and the workplace. Donning the uniform instils in students a sense of community, of pride in themselves and their school, and underpins the solid and robust work ethic that exists in Grango. It reinforces our high expectations and aspirations for every student.

Should you require any clarification of uniform rules or expectations, please contact the Progress Leader for your child for help and advice.

Year Progress Leader Assistant Progress Leader
Year 7 Mrs Z Povey Mrs L Solan
Year 8 Miss O Lewis Mrs N Wilkinson
Year 9 Mrs L Lindsay Mrs K Taunt
Year 10 Mrs J Rhodes Miss L Griffiths
Year 11 Mr Cathrall Mr T Sorsby