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Curriculum for Wales

“It remains our collective responsibility to engage and inspire the next generation of learners for a more prosperous and equal Wales.”
“We can be confident our reforms are giving young people and our education system the best chance to prosper.”

Kirsty Williams, Former Minister for Education

The Welsh Government has envisaged a new Curriculum for Wales, which requires all schools to design, create and implement for their learners from September 2023.

At Ysgol Y Grango we are really excited about the opportunity to create a bespoke, personalised curriculum to meet the needs of the learners in our local community, preparing them to be global citizens and leading fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

Stakeholder research identified the pride, cynefin, our village and the wider community hold for The Stiwt Theatre and its unique history. We recognise the affection all residents have for this iconic landmark and have therefore chosen to visually present our new Ysgol Y Grango Curriculum for Wales using the architecture of the theatre. Our dynamic vision for our school is based on the following principles:

Aspirational, Community & Transformational - ACT

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Curriculm for Wales

Inspiring ACTions - Fulfilling Lives