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Message for all Parents and Guardians

(Posted on 14/09/20)

It has been a very successful start to the new term. Pupils are engaging well with their learning and have made great efforts to adhere to the new systems in school which are designed to ensure the continued good health of everybody in the school building.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to parents for their continuing support in ensuring that pupils are adhering to the ‘new normal’ in terms of Covid safety rules. The standard of school uniform is exceptionally high.

Please remind your children of the importance of being fully prepared for school; they need to bring their own equipment to school to prevent cross contamination and should carry spare masks in their bag. In particular, they need to know what lessons they have during the day. If your child is unsure of which lessons they have on a particular day, they should, in the first instance, check their timetable on the MILK app.

Should they need a paper copy of their timetable, they should not ask at the front office, as this part of the building has been designated as a holding area for poorly pupils. Instead, they should go to the office next to the Headteacher’s room, where their queries can be dealt with safely.

To ensure we maintain the optimum amount of teaching time, the traditional morning tutor period has been deleted. This means that lessons for pupils in years 7-9 begin at 8.40am. Lessons for pupils in years 10 and 11 begin at 8.50am. Pupils need to be in class ready to learn by these times.

From Tuesday, 15 September, we will be reintroducing the after school detention system. Please rest assured that pupils will only be in detention with others from their own bubble; parents will be given the requisite 24-hour notice. Pupils can be placed in detention for a number of reasons which include continued late arrival to school or failure to observe school rules and expectations.

Once again, many thanks to all parents.