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(Posted on 23/11/20)

You will be aware that, in common with other schools in the local authority, we are still operating under strict Covid regulations here at Ysgol y Grango.

We have a duty of care to everybody who forms a part of our school bubble. Of paramount importance are the measures we have put in place to ensure that the health and safety of both pupils and staff is not compromised in any way. This allows our children and teachers to continue safely with the business of lessons and the everyday routine of school life.

One of the most crucial measures in place is to limit contact with adults outside of the school bubble.

Can I, therefore, respectfully remind parents that they should only approach/enter the school premises if invited to do so. Any visits from an outside source need to be carefully planned so as to eliminate all possible points of contact with members of the school body.

I would wish to reassure parents that we are always available to speak with you in relation to any concerns or issues you may have in respect of your child, but please ensure your initial contact with school is by telephone or email. We will attempt to address any concerns raised as soon as possible. Following this initial contact, should a face to face meeting prove necessary, you will be offered a time to attend school in person.

I’m sure you will understand our need to be strict in adhering to this measure. It is a major part of our efforts to ensure your child remains safe in school. If we are to be as effective as possible, then the school yard and the interior of the building have to be strictly off limits to all adults who do not form part of the Ysgol y Grango bubble.

With grateful thanks for your continued support in these difficult and uncertain times.


Steve Garthwaite