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Head’s Delight with Inspection Report

(Posted on 20/11/18)

The headteacher and staff at Ysgol Y Grango high school are celebrating the findings in a progress report published by Estyn after a recent visit by inspectors.

The report concludes that the school has successfully addressed each of Estyn’s recommendations from the previous inspection.

This welcome news comes as the school continues to expand. Over the last eight years the number of students on roll has gone up year on year, and for the last three years the school has been oversubscribed.

With regard to strengthening outcomes, the report says: “Pupils’ performance at the end of key stage 4 has improved in most indicators and is now above that of similar schools in a majority” and “at key stage 4, the performance of boys has improved in most indicators and is now in line with that of boys in similar schools.”

The report also acknowledges the school’s strengthened provision for developing students’ skills in numeracy, literacy and ICT, stating that it “now provides pupils with a wide range of valuable opportunities to develop their numeracy and literacy skills across the curriculum” and that “the majority of pupils demonstrate competent numeracy skills….. and analyse data well.”

Furthermore, the report recognised the school’s capacity for further improvement. It stated: “The school’s arrangements for self-evaluation and improvement planning have been strengthened significantly. This has had a positive impact on important areas of the school’s work, including pupil outcomes at key stage 4 and the quality of teaching and assessment.”  

It also noted that: “Leaders at all levels monitor pupils’ work efficiently to check aspects of provision such as quality of feedback and the provision for the development of pupils’ skills” and “Pupil voice is a strength. The school and faculties gather the views of all pupils comprehensively through various activities such as ‘feedback Friday’. This includes canvassing their opinions on teaching and learning.”

Headteacher, Stephen Garthwaite said: “I am absolutely delighted with the positive comments within the inspection report. This reflects the hard work and commitment of the whole school team to strive for excellence across all areas, so that all our students receive the very best education and care.

“We have also further invested in the professional development of our teachers with regard to classroom and assessment practice and we encourage frequent sharing of good practice, again, factors recognised by the inspectors.

“As a school we can be confident that we have put in place measures that will ensure a successful future, building on what we have already achieved and continuing to drive up aspirations.

“I would like to thank all the staff for their ongoing dedication, and the community for their invaluable support.”

Ian Roberts, Head of Education, wrote a letter of congratulations to the headteacher, staff, governors and pupils on the “excellent outcome” following the Estyn visit and praised everyone for their “effort, commitment and dedication.”

Chair of Governors, Brian Jones, said: "The governors are delighted with the many positive aspects highlighted in the report. There is a real appreciation of the hard work undertaken by the headteacher and leadership team to promote an excellent learning environment and a strong, caring ethos.

“We are all focused on driving up levels of attainment and I am confident that with everything that has been done and will be done, the school can look forward to a very bright future ahead. As a community, we must all encourage our young people to aim high and realise their dreams.”