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JustB Smoke Free Ambassadors

Ysgol Y Grango are pleased to present our JustB Smoke Free Ambassadors. The Year 8 students were chosen as they were deemed to be influential amongst their peers. Students have attended a two day training course at Gwersyllt Resource Centre organised by Smoking Prevention Trainers from Public Health Wales. Students will also attend a weekly training session in school for the next couple of weeks. During the two day training course, students made ‘chemical soup’ in order to identify some of the 4000 ingredients in a cigarette ranging from rat poison to paint stripper. Students also learnt about the effects smoking has on the body, dangerous of e-cigarettes and how to overcome peer pressure that some students may face with regards to smoking. Students are encouraged to share the Smoke Free message and are happy to share their knowledge gained from a very enjoyable training session. JustB Smoke Free Ambassadors can be identified by a green ‘Smoke Free Ambassador’ badge worn on their blazer.

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